How to Curl Your Hair: FAST & EASY Beach Waves!

Hey guys! I decided to film an updated hair curling tutorial since my hair is now a little bit shorter and more styled than last year!


This method to curl your hair and achieve perfect, bouncy beach waves is SUPER quick and easy even if you're a beginner!


What you'll need:


Not Your Mother's 10 in 1 Perfecter Spray: **AMAZING!!***

1 1/4" Barrel Rose Gold Hair Curler:

Hair Coils (LIFE CHANGING!! These don't tangle OR kink your hair!):

STEP 1: Spray the 10 in 1 Hair Protector Spray throughout your hair.

STEP 2: Brush and part your hair. Divide into two sections from the back, and tie the side you won't be working on first into a low pigtail with a hair coil (this won't kink your hair)!

STEP 3: Now, section your hair again into TIERS. You will be working on the bottom layer/tier of your hair first. Grab all the rest of your hair above that layer and just clamp it to the top of your head so it is out of the way.

STEP 4: Grab a section of your hair from this tier and start curling AWAY from your face. NEVER curl towards your face. Curling away will give you a nice beachy look while curling towards your face will give you a banana curl. Make sure to leave the ENDS out/uncurled (about an inch). This will also give you a beachy look instead of your curls tucking under.

STEP 5: After you release the hair from the curling iron, grab that hair and hold it close to your head (so the curl is essentially wound up in the palm of your hand). You want to allow the curl to cool in that curled up position, because the shape that your hair cools in is the shape that it will hold! This will make your curls last longer and they will be bouncier. LIFE CHANGING HACK! STEP 6: Once you have finished your first tier, push it to the side/the back of your head and section off a new tier, then reclamp the rest of your hair to the top of your head. Repeat this process until you have finished this side, and then move on to your other side of your hair/head.

Perfect Beach Waves | How to Curl Your Hair Fast

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