I Tried Dip Powder Nails for the first time!

I tried #dippowdernails for the first time yesterday and so far I love them a LOT better than gel! Firstly, I heard from some other girls that it lasts way longer than gel. Some of them have even gone a whole month without them chipping! Lately, my gels have been chipping/lifting within 10 days to 2 weeks. ✖️

Dip nails also don’t damage your nailbed like gel nails and it does not use a UV light to cure! ✖️

These dip nails feel harder than gel nails - almost like an acrylic type texture but it is on my natural nail! I also think they look a lot glossier than gel with a glass-like effect. ✖️

So what exactly is the process of dip powder nails? They use a special binding polish and then dip your nail into a powder. After repeating this process a few times, the technician buffed a top layer of my nails and used a different polish to provide a glossy finish. The process took a bit longer than gel, but hopefully will last longer! ✖️

Have you had dip nails before? How long did they last?? Let me know! 🤗

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