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Hey guys! I asked you on Instagram if you wanted a tutorial on how I edit my photos, and you guys said YES! I love editing my photos in the Lightroom Mobile to achieve a consistent aesthetic across my Instagram feed, as well as brighten up, sharpen, and color correct my photos! I never use any type of Photoshop to change or enhance features about myself - I only like to work on the overall photo itself!

In this video I show you two editing styles - one that I use for selfies, and one that I use to brighten up dark, nighttime all-black outfit pictures!

The majority of my editing is done in Lightroom, which is what I have been using for awhile now. I also just recently downloaded the Tezza app and have been playing around with using that to add a quick effect/preset at the end of my photo editing!

Let me know if you like this video and if you would like to see any other types of photo/Instagram editing videos! 🤗

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