#13: Road Trip Convos: Plastic Surgery, Cancel Culture, Kylie Jenner Controversy & More



Harris is back in today’s episode! We discuss:

-Harris’ new job as a law clerk
-Plastic bag tax
-Olivia Jade may be required by law to testify against her parents in court
-Cardi B has a message for her haters after her breast augmentation and liposuction
-Discussing my breast augmentation on the podcast for the first time and controversy surrounding plastic surgery and body positivity. 
-Joe Jonas revealed that Diplo “ruined” his secret Las Vegas wedding
- Kylie Jenner facing backpack over new skincare line KylieSkin
-Fashion blogger Dani Austin creates “Cancel Culture Should Be Cancelled” video
- What do fast fashion replicas of designer bags mean for the industry? 
- Political undertones in fictional television and movies in today’s climate

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