How To Make a $12 Dress Look HIGH FASHION! | Styling 101


How many times have you searched to find the perfect dress for an event or a night out, and end up spending WAY more money than you wanted too because you just can't find the right one? 🙋🏼Well guess what?! It's not about finding the perfect dress, and it's DEFINITELY not about the price tag of the dress. It's all about how you style it and how you accessorize - so you can look chic on a budget!


This dress was only $12.90 and honestly I was able to create an outfit that looks more high end than some of my $100 dresses. How? Through accessorizing. I have my nailed my go-to accessories down to a T and I know exactly which pieces I need to pair together to achieve the look/style I am going for!


Invest in valuable, statement accessories that you are your signature style that you can wear over and over again with your outfits. Not only will it help make the look uniquely you, but the perfect accessories can help tie together your entire look!


My go-to accessories include my absolute, all time, FAVORITE Henri Bendel bangles, my fringe necklace from Discovery (it's about 4 years old but I'm linking some similar ones below!) and my mom's vintage Chanel bag that she loaned me!


Also, make sure to remember that your hair and makeup is also a way to accessorize!! If you have a classy, chic hairstyle and makeup look, it can help tie together your outfit and make it look more polished! I love to create loose curls/waves and throw my hair to the side - super quick, easy, but cute every time! 


What are some of your favorite ways to look chic on a budget? I'm all about finding money-saving shopping tips and style advice so that I can create a variety of versatile looks!


Little Black Dress Classic Chic Style | Vintage Chanel Bag | Black and Gold Style

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