DECODING You Need To Calm Down Lyrics & Reacting to Taylor Swift's LOVER Album Announcement


OH MY GOSH you guys I can't believe Taylor Swift FINALLY announced the name of TS7: LOVER and it's being released on August 23!! I absolutely love that name and how romantic it sounds.

In this video I react to Taylor's Instagram Live announcement, what I think of the new album name, her collaboration with Stella McCartney, her 2020 Grammy eligibility, and her deluxe albums that will be released at Target!

The second half of this video focuses on DECODING her brand new single You Need To Calm Down! This song is such a BOP but also has such meaningful lyrics - so I break them down and react to their meaning!

Stay tuned because when the You Need To Calm Down music video is released on Monday I will make a YouTube video decoding that and trying to find even more Easter eggs regarding the Lover album!

Decoding Taylor Swift's ME! Music Video | ALL THE EASTER EGGS YOU MISSED!

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