Hey guys! So clearly this is a VERY different video from what I normally post but I wanted to make this to be informational and help other girls out there in my position! Watching other girls on YouTube post boob job vlogs like this helped calm my nerves and answer a lot of my questions before I decided to meet with a plastic surgeon.

I actually am about one week post-op right now from my breast augmentation and feeling great! I got 275 CC silicone implants which are not big at all - I would say I'll probably be about a B cup bra. As you can see, I was very flat chested - basically I just never really developed breast tissue. I couldn't fit into anything other than pre-teen strapless bras. Getting a boob job was something I had thought about since I was a teenager and now at 23 years old I finally decided to get it - AFTER I spent years building my self confidence and learning to love my body for the way it is. However, I still decided that this was important to me.

In this video I filmed a day before my breast augmentation surgery, I detail why I decided to undergo this procedure, what the entire pre-op experience was like - initial consultation, deciding on implant size, which method my surgeon is using (through the armpit and under the muscle), and what is important when choosing a doctor (make sure that you find a board certified PLASTIC surgeon).

I will be posting a post-op breast augmentation video soon answering any questions and describing my entire experience! Thanks for watching!

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