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Ladies and GENTLEMEN. The PROPORTIONS on this BLOUSE are ASTRONOMICAL! 📉 (lolol follow us on TikTok @idolstyle if you haven't already) ANYWAYS, I don't know if I can find the words to describe how incredible this blouse is. 😍 How HIGH FASHION it is. 📉 How much you can look like you are just the most stylish person EVER by just throwing this one with some shorts and heels. 🤤 It has a fitted, pleated bust, and then a dramatic ruffled/tapered high low hemline that makes your legs look a mile long. It has adjustable straps and a stretchy back for maximum comfort aaaaand I don't know what else to say another than YOU NEED THIS. 

ADD. ✅ TO. ➡️ CART. 🛒  

100% Cotton so you won't sweat in its amazingness. 😘

Pair with our So Distressed Mini Short Shorts to complete your look as pictured!

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