Idol Style


  • The "Be Your Own Idol" engraving is so special to me - it's Idol Style's tagline and serves as a reminder that you can achieve all the greatness you set your mind to. So often we compare ourselves to others/our "idols" and wish we can have their life, accomplishments, etc. But I want you to know that you can BE YOUR OWN IDOL! 🌟
  • Water resistant gold plated stainless steel necklace - perfect for everyday wear! The shine on this necklace is INCREDIBLE! We recommend polishing it with a jewelry cloth between wears to maintain a smooth shine, as it can pick up oils from your skin/pick up fingerprints. 
  • If you do wear this necklace within water, we recommend patting it dry to prevent any water spots from drying on the necklace! 
  • Adjustable closure so you can also change the length, which is great for layering! 
  • This necklace is also available in silver! 
  • All LUXE JEWELRY items come in a special Idol Style box (pictured here!)

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