Idol Style


  • This stunning bangle bracelet features roman numerals throughout the design as well as sparkly rhinestones. 
  • Water resistant gold plated stainless steel bracelet - perfect for everyday wear! The shine on this bracelet is INCREDIBLE! We recommend polishing it with a jewelry cloth between wears to maintain a smooth shine, as it can pick up oils from your skin/pick up fingerprints. 
  • If you do wear this bracelet within water, we recommend patting it dry to prevent any water spots from drying on the bracelet! 
  • To open this bracelet, you will see a groove on the side - gently lift it up and to the left to open. You may find it tricky the first try, but once you get it, it's super easy. The special closure is to help it not fall off. 
  • This bracelet is also available in silver! 
  • All LUXE JEWELRY items come in a special Idol Style box (pictured here!)

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